Wholesale Sexy Underwear


Teen Wholesale Sexy Underwear underwear brand Redwood Girls are looking to crowd fund £16,000 so they can produce a first run of their new age-appropriate teen underwear that"s designed to be pretty, supportive and very comfortable.

We had a quick chat with Lisa Redgrave, Managing lingerie manufacturer china Director of Redwood Girls who told us, “There has been quite a lot of press recently about young girls choosing to wear provocative, un-appropriate underwear and after researching this we realised that there is a serious lack of age-appropriate, on-trend underwear for teenage girls. So, we decided to make some.”

“We believe that Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie Redwood Girls is more than just a bra. Redwood Girls is a lifestyle, it’s a community of young girls who are aspirational, have a positive body image and a healthy lifestyle.”

The campaign to Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie generate the funding is being run by Kickstarter and at the time of writing over £2000 has been raised with 3 weeks still to go so there"s a good chance of them meeting the target.